Monday, July 7, 2008

Lovin' the leather...

I found the work of Renée Weiss Chase quite accidentally one day. It is amazing what the right combination of words can deliver when typed into Google. I was pretty amazed to find these leather tallit bags. I certainly have never seen anything like them.
Renee has been a fashion designer throughout her professional life, creating women's sportswear for hundreds of retail outlets. While clothing has been her first love, using her skills for spiritual and aesthetic pursuits has been another requisite in her life. Over time, she has been commissioned to make a number of Bimah and Torah covers for synagogue use. The imagery for these pieces has been derived from various Jewish sources, most recently Women and the Holocaust.

The medium of choice for Renée is always leather –
the finest, softest leather available. And
since she works with couture one-of-a kind garments when she designs clothes, she uses those same techniques to design her Tallit bags- hand work, pure silk linings and precise attention to every detail.Yad Tallit bags and Kippas are crafted of leather and worked by hand and machine using top grain kidskin dyed in luxurious palettes. Each bag is hand cut and takes more than twelve hours to assemble. The linings are silk charmeuse, printed with the Yad logo. Each bag is delivered in a cotton fleece protective sleeve to be cherished for a lifetime. Kippas are made in coordinating color and material

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