Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jewelsalem Mosaic.

Audrey Meyer Munz of Shaya4Mosaics writes: Jerusalem is the city where I have spent my first 14 years in Israel.

Jerusalem is, in my eyes, a jewel of a city. Whenever I walk or drive in Jerusalem, emotions overwhelm me as I go from one place to another. I have never felt this way anywhere else in the world.

Jerusalem is also a city of contrasts and tensions.

How could I depict beauty and tension at the same time? I have used the outline of a 6th century Byzantine style Mosaic, a part of the Madaba Map located in Jordan. I rendered the Old City dividing it in two: two extremities, the Northern part versus the Southern part, using cold colors in the upper part and warm colors in the lower part, making it look like two hemispheres, two poles, with the Cardo (Old Roman Market) between them, similar to the Equator. The houses and the walls are one on top of the other; it is colorful and rich with beads, glass and all kinds of colored stones.

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