Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring is Deeply Felt.

I love hearing from readers, especially ones I have no idea exist out there in cyberspace. Ilana from British Columbia is a felter... and she manages to combine Judaism with felt, as in this Tree of life. As an artist, I personally love the imagery of the tree of life. Now, the second of April it is even more meaningful, given that here in Atlanta the trees are flowering EVERYWHERE.

I have to confess something (please listen in your mind to the strains of Avinu Malkeinu in the background)... I am getting a bit bored with blogging as I have. Would you my readers, be overly upset if I spent less time in search of meaningful commentaries (which is very time consuming) and spent more time simply featuring the art and artists? Let me know in your comments.


Anonymous said...

The art and artists sounds wonderful to me. Your blog is the first one I read each day and would not mind at all if you changed the format. Thanks for your time.

Kathi said...

my friend, I love your blog be it deep in thought or just beautiful art. If you need to move to beautiful art with minimal words, go for it because I know what ever piece of art you choose to show will speak 1000's of words. hugs

marciad said...

I love the art you share. A short word or two would be nice now and again when you feel so moved.

Treebyleaf said...

I love the commentaries and hope you will not give them up entirely but I found your blog through the art and I check it for the art.
-- Tree McCurdy, Seattle, WA