Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MONGO GROGGER and Purim Shpiel

For your viewing pleasure, I am pleased to present my dear cyberfriend Kathi's huge polymer clay covered grogger... IT is 18" long and she promises me that it is LOUD.

You can find everything on the internet... even Purim Shpiels. Rabbi Richard Agler and Cantor Stephanie Shore of Congregation B'nai Israel were kind enough to share their shpiels with the cyber world...

Narrator #1: This year’s Purim Schpiel takes place in Shushan Shell City, where we find the characters from Spongebob Squarepants. King Ahashveros is Neptune. Vashti is the old lady. Mordechai is Spongebob Squarepants.

Narrator #2: Esther is Mindy. Haman is Plankton.

Narrator#1: King Neptune Ahashversos is hosting a grand party. All the guests are dancing the hora and having a wonderful time.

Narrator #2: Let's all go now to Shell City and join in the celebration.

Pageboy: Attention, attention.

Patrick: King Neptune Ahashversos has an important announcement to make.

Squidward: Please lend us your ears.

King Neptune: Soon my queen shall arrive and dance for all of my guests. (clap, clap)

Guards send orders to the Queen that we await her presence.

(Guards exit and go to the queen)

Pageboy: Queen Vashti, King Neptune is ready for you to appear. You must come now.

Vashti Old Lady: I will not appear at his party, I will not dance the hora for his guests. Tell him no!

Queen's Lady: But your highness, you must obey the King's wishes.

Patrick: But Queen, the consequences.

Vashti Old Lady: You have my answer, tell the King NO!

(Guards go to the King.)

Patrick: King, the Queen has told us she will not dance for you.

Pageboy: Yes sire, she has refused to appear.

Neptune: What, I am outraged! How dare she refuse my request. She will be dethroned for this act of disrespect. Guards bring me the Queen!

(Guards exit and bring the Queen to see the King.)

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