Friday, March 21, 2008

Purim Poetry from A Deviant Artist

From Flickr contributor dgoboff: Esther is made from egg shapes and cat food containers.
Haman is an egg beater with air dry face. Mordecai is a cardboard box with some egg shapes and cheap ball and cage toys. They'll be covered with paper machie and painted. An inner rod will support the structure. Cord or rod arms to be added

This is the story
That has been told before
It is the story that proves
Everyone gets what they deserve

It started in an evening
Long time ago
In the court of Shoshan
Ruled by a king named Achashverosh

He was having a feast
And his beautiful wife wasn't there
So he called for her
So the others will stare

But the queen told him NO
He was drunk as recall
So after a few nights
He throw her out of the court

Now he had no queen
To do her as he pleased
So he sent out his guys
To find him a new wife

There were a lot of candidates coming
To the court the other day
But the king had no problem
He choosed the prettiest among them

And the new queen had an uncle
Who was unemployed
So she used her magic
And made him a guard in the court

One day he listened
To a conversation near by
They wanted to kill the king
So he told on them to the king's wife

She told the king
But this is not the end
Because here comes a new evil
In the shape of the king's right hand

Everyone must bow to him
As he goes by
That was the low
To defy it means TO DIE

But the queen's uncle was Jewish
He will bow only to God
So this starts a fight
Between the Right hand and Guard

So Right hand decided to act
He will destroy all the Jews
Without even telling the king
So the king did not knew

Now the queen was in trouble
She will be killed too
So she went to her king
To try and save all the Jews

And the king heard the story
And made the Right hand pay
He will have him lead the Guard
On a white horse infront of the crowd

This story ends
With the Right hand (and his 12 sons) dead
Making the Guard the new minister
And with yet another feast
That repeats every single year.

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