Friday, October 19, 2007

A meaningful accident

I am frequently asked by artists "How did you find my website?" More often than not I have to confess "I do not know." Essentially I can start with a couple of search terms and a couple of "enter" clicks later I have struck gold! Those are the artists I share with you.
On occasion, one of my blogging friends or another artist will also send me a tip, asking have I seen this artist or that one. More often than not, I have seen the artist they are recommending but it is wonderful that they think of me and this blog.
My closest friend in the Blogosphere is Susan of Polymer Clay Notes. Were it not for Susan's gentle nudges, I likely would have never initiated JudaicaJournal. Susan hosts a secular blog dedicated to polymer clay and I love sending her my discoveries which are more appropriate for her blog than mine. Today, Susan and I are sharing the exposure of an Israeli polymer clay artist who was one of my accidental discoveries. Rivkah Strahi Levitz is first an interior designer. As part of her decorating she creates pieces to fufill her vision for a client's home- whether that be the mezuzah that adorn the door frame or the jar to hold honey on the breakfast table. Among her many works are some three dimensional pictures; it is these that I found most awe inspiring. So please take a gander at these at the chamsa and mezuzah and then take a cyber-walk over to Susan's site to see which of Rivkah's goodies she has chosen to share.

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