Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A time for new beginnings

In the beginning, G'd was the first artist. With infinite wisdom, we were formed in image of the Divine. And with that, artists were created amongst the peacocks, rainbows and tulips.

There are those who believe that the Tanach, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible were written by G'd and those of us who believe that the words were inspired by G'd... and there are those who are truly touched by the spirit of G'd. Such a person is Aviel Barclay, the Soferet.

"My fascination with the art of calligraphy stems mainly from my love of the Hebrew alefbet and my desire to use it as a way to serve G@d and the world. As a Jewish artist, I work with an awareness and respect for Torah, poetry, visual art, and the discipline of lettering."

So with the assistance of Aviel Barclay and the encouragement of my cyber-friend Susan Rose, and in honor of new beginnings I introduce my JudaicaJournal...

Happy 2007 and I hope you return soon

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