Friday, May 11, 2007

Going Dutch

Rav-hadassah is a blog I just found which is dealing with a Jewish wedding that will be taking place later this year in Amsterdam. It is fun to read... it helps that it is in English and some of the photos are quite pretty. The author has been accepted to the University of Judaism's Ziegler School of Rabbinics, a Conservative seminary in Los Angeles, California. Let's plan on following this wedding.

Here is the information about the Temple where the religious ceremony will be held.
The synagogue holds special significance for me. Built in 1764, to serve the Jewish proletariat of this part of Amsterdam, the shul was left deserted and neglected after the Second World War. Thankfully, it was recently renovated. Although officially property of the Amsterdam municipality, one can rent the synagogue for services, chuppot but also secular activities (chamber concerts, receptions and even civil weddings!). However, the significance for me is entirely different, and closer to the original intent: the Progressive community Beit ha'Chidush has reclaimed the use of the building as a house of Jewish worship. This is also the community where I set my first steps on my Jewish journey and I fell in love with the quiet and light atmosphere of the space. I knew I wanted to get married here: this shul where I sent my first, tentative Jewish prayers Heavenward.

This Op Fields Ketubah is from Rachel Deitsch of California. Maybe Rachel and our bride can meet up some day!

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