Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And I will write this upon my heart...

A ketubah is a piece of art... like my husband and my ketubah it may be completely original, or it may be a print which the couple will personalize. All are art. All are beautiful.

I found a cute blog post from a bride who forgot that her Ketubah required a white pen in order for the signatures to be seen.

We were able to use regular pen... but I can guarantee that my husband spent a lot of time practicing his Hebrew script to ensure that it was written correctly. (And what is sweet is two of our witnesses ended up getting married about 2 years after our wedding).

Tamar Messer
is a well-known and loved Israeli artist. The distinct, vivid colorful style of her work draws upon a spirit of vitality that speaks directly to the hearts of the young and young at heart

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