Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Ketubah for A Committed Couple

I think once I passed puberty (it was the '70s so we were slow then), I realized that I had no issues with gay men and lesbians. Back then, my acceptance was an abstract concept since so few of my friends were out. That changed in college and of course after that.
Now I have a friend who is in a very serious relationship. Neither of them are young. I want them to get "married" or have a "commitment ceremony" (choose your language). Besides wanting to see them happy- I really want to buy them their ketubah. Here and here is some information on Jewish marriages for gay couples.

Daniel Sroka
is an award-winning graphic designer and fine art photographer. His distinctive photography has appeared in a number of shows, and can be seen on his website Daniel Sroka Photography. You can find his observations on art and photography at blog.danielsroka.com. Daniel became a Ketubah designer after he and his bride were unable to find the perfect design. After photographing some roses in his own garden, Daniel and Cara found their ketubah... now you can too.

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Daniel Sroka said...

Thank you for featuring my ketubah designs on your blog. A large number of my customers are "non-traditional" couples: interfaith, gay, lesbian, bi-cultural, and so on. They tell me that they appreciate the natural imagery of my designs, which lets them have a ketubah that is open and inclusive. One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to help people create an enduring symbol of their wedding. If anyone has any questions, I invite them to drop by my site Modern Ketubah.