Thursday, April 26, 2007

I saw you at Sinai

Looking for your bashert (soul-mate)? You’ve probably already seen him/her – at Sinai. When the Torah was delivered, every Jewish soul stood at Mt. Sinai with his or her soul-mate, according to the Midrash (Jewish commentaries). Now all you need is someone to reunite you. For more go to Jewish San Diego Journal and learn how many have found their mate.

Once you found your one true love, you will need to invite everyone to your wedding. The Ketubah Tree has designed some wonderful invitations- and they have thoughts of everything from soup to nuts (including the menu card). Below is the invitation from their Bashert collection. The one on the right has the vellum overlay in place. Lovely.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely write up and for featuring my Bashert Wedding Invitation. It is always wonderful for my art to be noticed and shared. If you haven't been to my website in a while, check it out again... My ketubah and Invitation designs cater to modern couples who like a more artistic approach to traditional ritual objects. Thanks again for the kind words.
Shell Rummel