Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Next on our list....

Groom- CHECK. Ring- CHECK. Invitations?
I have shown you some absolutely wonderful wedding bands. We also need to consider invitations to our simcha, don't we? There is are a lot to show and here is today's beauty:

(Amit Yaffe is an) Israeli born artist living in Reisterstown, Maryland USA, with my husband and two sons. I have studied Graphic Design and Art at the WIZO- Hadassah Neri Bloomfield School of Design in Haifa, Israel, in 1981-1985.

After working as a graphic designer for several publishing houses in Israel for many years, I decided to work independently, and began to express myself through different media.
My artwork consists of decorative painting, murals, faux painting, hand-painted furniture, mosaics, watercolor prints/collages, invitations and greeting cards.I like to use watercolor, acrylic and collage techniques to create bright and colorful works of art.

My watercolor limited edition prints collection includes prints/collages embracing motifs, blessings, shapes, colors and symbols inspired by the Jewish tradition.
More recently, I have expanded my art product line to include unique invitations and announcements, greeting cards, contribution cards and other gift items for organizations, charities and individuals celebrating special family events and holidays.

By creating affordable paintings, prints, Ketubot, cards and invitations inspired by the rich Jewish heritage, I hope that anyone will be able to purchase, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the Jewish tradition represented in my artwork.

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