Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Why is this seder plate different?

The seder plates I shared with you recently have had soft edges- whether from ceramic or metal. These two plates from the married couple Brian and Alice Bergner are square and encorporate glass in them. Actually both seder plates- like the artists who made them- are a marriage. In these seder plates a marriage of two materials- glass and mother of pearl or glass and Jerusalem stone. I love the combination of the man made and the natural elements.

The couple live in Caesarea, Israel and say this about how their home influences their art: Living as we do on the shore of the Mediterranean, the quality of our life is determined to a great extent by the sea and all it represents. My family spends as much time as possible combing its beaches, and we are lucky enough to have a bird's eye view of it from every window of our home, including our studio. Willingly or not, our moods and inspiration are in tandem with the mood of the sea. Our work, inevitably organic, is a homage of sorts, a salute to its life and debris.

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