Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moooo-re Mezuzahs

I love when art can be humorous... I love it when we can laugh at ourselves. Obviously the Israeli artist Sagit Bramly Levi a 30-ish year-old architect and artist from Karmiel knows how to giggle. From her little cow and sheep mezuzot to her cheerful flowers and retro designs.Sagit's work in polymer clay is characterized by strong colors and a combination of a variety of techniques and textures that create a unique, fresh and daring look. The main technique used by Sagit is called 'Millefiori' (a thousand flowers), an old technique taken from the glass art world. All products are handmade and carefully planned from the very beginning of designing the Millefiori cane up to the finishing touches.

Look at these two additional mezuzot from Sagit... One is perfect for the individual who is a Florida Gator Fan... and who would not be after their tremendous win last month against Ohio State... but I digress.

And this brown striped mezuzah is masculine yet retro... great for your friend who is just so Metro.

And if you are still looking to put a smile on your face... and on your mezuzah-free kitchen door... take a look here. And remember- we answer to a Higher Authority!

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