Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have collected dozens upon dozens of pictures of mezuzot. This week I want to show some of them from a variety of artists, as well as offer different commentary on the meaning of the mezuzah.

The first commentary was from Martin L. Gordon when he was an Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies at Stern Coliege, Yeshiva University. Dr. Gordon is now Adjunct Assistant Professor at Empire State college, Israel Program, State University of New York. The paper is entitled Mezuzah: PROTECTIVE AMULET OR RELIGIOUS SYMBOL? I have read that in religious communities tragedies are often blamed on the lack of a mezuzah or that the mezuzah was not kosher. Dr. Gordeon discusses that subject and others at length.

Since the paper is long, let me show you the worl's largest mezuzah.

The mezuzah was made in 2004 by the Jerusalem based Judaica artist and sofer-Avraham-Hersh Borshevsky. While bigger is not always better, in this case, it is still kosher!

“I checked the proportions of his mezuza compared to normal-sized mezuzos. We checked every letter and every tag (crown of letter). Every halacha was scrupulously observed. All the sheimos (Holy Names) were sanctified. Borshevsky’s writing’ is of the standard of the most mehudar in the world.”
Rav Israel Yud.

The mezuzah parchment scroll measures well over three feet in length and weighs over six pounds. It is encased in a wood, gold and glass covering, which, some say, looks like a vertical aquarium. Since the mezuzah must be hung on the top 1/3 of the door frame, the only door it will fit must belong to a Golem!

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