Monday, October 11, 2010

Wandering through Ebay...More Judaica needs a home

I am continuing to find more and more items which are in desperate need of a good home.This is such a great way for someone to start or continue a collection... and not spend too much money.

Item number one- Jewish Glass Serving Platter Plate Tray Star Hebrew What is it really? It is a crystal Seder plate. In the picture, you will note that it has been photographed upside down.

And the second item is this VINTAGE HEBREW WINE GOBLET/CHALICE . You and I know full well it is a Kiddush cup.I like the rather primitive font that is used on the cup...


Lesly said...

I think the descriptions of some of these things on eBay are hilarious - thanks for posting!

DrMom said...

That is part of the joy of finding things... I love to see what a non-Jew thinks about some piece of Judaica.

Anonymous said...

the plate should be "rewind", the hebrew letters stand on their "head"s :-)