Thursday, October 7, 2010

Found in cyberspace

Actually, the artist Geoff Smith is in Toronto, Canada but I found him this morning while I was perusing google. I was specifically looking for siddur covers (which Geoff designs) but some of his other work is what stopped me in my search. I contacted Geoff's company and quickly heard back from them (thank you Carole). I learned that Geoff paints each and every canvas himself and that all canvases can be personalized. Geoff is more of a 20th century man and prefers the telephone to email so you can call him to discuss a customized design.
Here are a pair of canvases that I think are really wonderful.


Lesly said...

Our synagogue recently celebrated our 100th aniversary - one of the initiatives was new covers for our Torachs. Geoff Smith designed the needlepoint canvases for us, and he did a fabulous job. Here is a photo of our Torahs all dressed up:

DrMom said...

Thank you for sharing Lesly... I would love to see more of Geoff's work in action!!!

Anonymous said...

"Hamotzi" is misspelled. How painful after all that work!