Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Torah Haiku

Delivered at Mount

The Original in Stone

Lessons to follow

Five books perpetuate

A glorious history

To teach our children

Bonnie Yales of Jacksonville, FL first began to express her creativity through fiber arts. The very first project was 14 by 6 foot tapestry in Temple Isaiah in Lexington, MA. 92 people needlepointed 12 panels in a variety of stitching techniques under Bonnie’s supervision in a period of 2 years. Using this medium, she achieved an international reputation as a foremost designer of gobelin tapestry weaving, and is particularly well-known for her group projects executed in needlepoint.
Her works include wall hangings, torah mantles, ark curtains, chupahs, tallesim and other religious articles. Her work is displayed in hundreds of synagogues and institutions worldwide.

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marciad said...

I love the way you take us through the holidays with art.