Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Give me a POM, Give me another POM

Has anyone noticed that I have a thing for pomegranates...
These POM POM Pomegranates are the creation of Abby from Cincinnati.
Why are pomegranates so symbolic in Judaism? Because they are said to contain 613 seeds- the number of commandments. Recently I was asked (1) do I know all 613 commandments and (2) do I follow them. The answer to both questions to both was NO. How about you? Do you know all of them? They are listed here.
I have found that there are a lot of people who don't even know the top ten... Why don't you ask your friends?


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for featuring my pomegranate! It's a very important symbol in my life as well. Cheers!

marciad said...

Wonderful post. I love the Pomegtanate/Blueberry veggie juice that has come out recently.