Thursday, March 12, 2009

More fiber art for your Passover Table

Yesterday, we saw TikkunKnits pattern for a knit seder plate. For those of you who would rather have someone else use the needles, Tel Aviv artist/textile designer and student Limitz has something lovely for your seder table as well! The spring colors of this matzoh cover and afikomen bag will brighten any table. Who will see last year's wine stains when these are on the table?

Limitz is also the curator of the EtsyIsrael Team... a group of artists and artisans devoted to making beautiful and affordable art for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

OHHHH, thank you so much! :-)
I am SOOO honored to be featured in this wonderful blog!
I invite you all to see our talented Israeli Team members (Find us with our unique tag: "ISART TEAM" on

Curator of the "Israel Artists Team" on ETSY