Thursday, November 6, 2008

On the Sixth Day of Chanukah

My bubbe gave to me

Six cards a'greeting...
(Finally, back to the Chanukah Gift Guide).

Israel's TamarHammer starts us out with this colorful pair of Chanukah cards.

From CardsbyJenna is this layered Menorah Card... Quite nice.

Do you have a loved one who moved from the cold white north and whose Chanukah no longer is "blessed" with snow. What a great card from StudioLolo2 to send that poor warm soul!

Do you have a friend who takes life too seriously... don't you think they need this
Chanukah Cod?

I found this lovely (and rather masculine) card on a scrapbooking website. It was designed by Debby, a Fin who moved to Israel in 1984. Sadly, it is not for sale (I certainly would treasure it).

And finally this lovely flickr find from Shayla Anthony.

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