Monday, November 10, 2008

On the Eighth day of Chanukah

My bubbe gave to me... NINE CANDLES A'BURNING
(okay, you figure out how to make chanukiot/menorah work in this one)

From the recycling hands of furniture maker Jenna Goldberg a mixed-media menorah constructed from recycled olive oil cans, copper nails, mahogany, wooden beads, and brass fittings.

The studio of Vertige and Jacques Rivard uses recycled glass to create their ephemeral hanakiot like this one.

From Jen London Imelda Marcos's dream menorah

From Shahar Peleg, an "anamorphic menorah".

Aimee Golant is reknowned artist whose Judaica is treasured in homes, synagogues and museums.

In these pressing financial times, it is rumored that glitz is gone... thank heaven for Jay Strongwater who brings the bling to Judaica.

And because she is my internet buddy and the biggest poster of comments on Judaica Journal, Kathi of dragonsglass gets the final two menorahs for this posting! She is so verstatile one is faux cloth (using polymer clay) and the other is stained glass.


Anonymous said...

awww Toby, you made me smile AND blush! I am honored to be listed with such wonderful other artists and their Channukiots! Hugs

tkmetalarts said...

You find the nicest menorahs. They are all wonderful works of art.