Monday, August 11, 2008

She finished it!!!

I cannot believe that it is even more amazing than it was when it was a work in progress. The golden tiled background really makes the rebbe appear other-worldly. Deca Bannitz, I learned through correspondence, is a Brazilian artist. She said this piece is not commissioned, rather she did it for herself! She certainly is good to herself, isn't she?

P.S. My "baby" starts kindergarten today!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful art. Congratultions on the kindergartener.

Anonymous said...

holy crow, that is beautiful!

Mazel Tov on your baby's big day and hugs to you cause I know you are going "My baby is growing up! :("

AndrĂ©a GuimarĂ£es said...

Hello, thanks for the compliments, I really appreciated your post !
One correction: I will expose in jewish places in Sao Paulo, and later I´ll sell it.

PS.: Congratulations ! Your blog is wonderful, very nice idea!