Monday, July 21, 2008

This piece of stained glass entitled Bemidbar was created for a Bar Mitzvah. It depicts the hundreds of thousands of people crossing the desert of Egypt to the Promised Land. The twelve tribes, each maintaining its own tribal color, were devided into four groups of three tribes each, surrounding the tribe of Levi who provided a buffer for the tabernacle. The artist is Indie Luria Goldwaser is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo, majoring in Psychology and Art. She continued her studies at Pratt Institute, receiving a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Teaching Creative Problem Solving in the industrial setting led to her own challenging and artistic struggles. She began dabbling in stained glass one summer in the mid 70's, and has never put it down since. I am certainly glad she has not.


Anonymous said...


wow....she made that for me eh? that is gobsmacking drop dead beautiful!

Unknown said...

Dear Kathi,

Thank you for your kind words. As you can see, I enjoy doing judaica artwork, and I invite you to check out my website at, where there are many other interesting judaic passages.

Photographing stained glass is a tricky business! ...some pieces appear to have more clarity than others when shown through photographs, but the true delight comes when you are standing face to face with the actual piece. enjoy... -indie