Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make your wedding meaningful.

Risa Towbin Aqua is a watercolorist and calligrapher who specializes in commemorative art, including well over 150 custom ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts) that have been joyfully signed by brides and grooms from coast to coast. Her partner at work and at home, Hal Aqua received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has been a graphic designer for over twenty-five years. In addition to being a principal in Aqua Studio, he is a founder of, multi-instrumentalist and singer for Los Lantzmun, a contemporary Jewish world beat band.

In a marriage ceremony, how does holiness happen? So much can get in the way: aggressive photographers, clergy who take center stage instead of helping you experience transformation there, family quarrels, often there is the experience of pure anxiety about anything from commitment itself to whether you can pull all the details together. Kodesh, "holiness", also termed rukhaniyut, "spirtuality", is the missing element in many life cycle rituals. I believe it is what leads couples to eschew the justice of the peace process and seek out clergy. How can you help the holiness to happen? Learn more from Reb Goldie Milgram on how to bring the holiness back to your whole marriage.

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Anonymous said...

how appropriate for you to showcase ketubot today. Now that we can be "legally" married we will be have a second wedding. We will be needing one of these :D These are jaw dropping beautiful too.