Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For some it is easier to be green...

From Cukier Studios, more recycled art! Each sculpture holds a timeless essence of a contemporary ideology yet embracing traditional form. The artwork is greatly inspired by ancient artifacts which have survived the test of time and were made completely by hand and mind hundreds of years ago. Each sculptural arrangement has aspects of various cultures gently drifting throughout.

When creating the art, we take great pride in using recycled items and environmentally safe materials, ensuring the longevity of our artwork and equally caring about the longevity of the environment.

When their synagogue opens in less than a year, members of the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston, Ill., will have to adjust to a lot more than just a new roof over their heads. For starters, they’ll have showers and bike racks — just in case they want to pedal to services — and tinted glass windows, to minimize the amount of heat the building absorbs. Less obvious to synagogue-goers might be the solar-powered parking lot lights, the high-efficiency boilers and the cypress wood recycled from an old East Coast barn, all of which factor into the construction.

Those changes are among a laundry list of environmentally friendly, or “green,” design choices that the Chicago-area synagogue is implementing in its new home. When it opens in January 2008, the building will become the first synagogue to receive the second-highest possible classification — known as a LEED gold designation — from the U.S. Green Building Council, which rates buildings for sustainability. With months of construction ahead, the $10 million model synagogue may even still manage to make a few more adjustments to attain the highest level that only some 4% or 5% of applicants receive: LEED platinum status. Read more at the Forward

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