Saturday, November 10, 2007

More stuff from the blogger

As promised,I am posting some pieces I have recently made. They include two hannakiot and a very big mezuzah. Go here for more detailed photos.
They were inspired by the work of Christi Friesen, a prolific jeweler/sculptor/teacher.

If you are a crafter, and want to make such things for your home let me share the source of some supplies. For the candle cups, I went to Weiss Judaica. They are really inexpensive. The mem for the mezuzah was purchase at 1-800-Dreidelcrafts. The latter was a really helpful website and really assisted me at finding what I was looking for. You can Google both websites.

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Staci Rose said...

Your clay pieces are brilliant - but I DO LOVE your polymer clay pieces like crazy! Very creative! :D