Friday, November 23, 2007

A find that found me in time for Chanukah!

I saw I had a new flickr contact... didn't recognize the name. I went to their site and found that I had been noticed by a ceramacist. This artist does Judaic work. And it is original. This potter, birdwatcher,wife, mother, dog and bird owner loves the sun and nature. You can find her work here on Etsy. The pieces here are just a example of her beautiful (and affordable) items.

Did you have a pleasant Thanksgiving? We certainly did. I made a wonderful vegan Caribbean Pumpkin Soup. Plus there was Turkey, dressing, sweet potato pudding, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce and corn muffins, a great salad from my cousin, and chocolate pecan pie. And we were all thankful to be together.
Shabbat Shalom...

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Anonymous said...

what a great find! I will be off drooling in her etsy store :D I made Thai pumpkin curry alst week that was yum. amazing that one can use pumpkins for something other then pie eh?