Monday, August 6, 2007

Shof'tim:Deuteronomy 16:18 - 21:9

My family and I are are on our way back home. We spent a lovely several days with my family in NY... despite a nasty cold that bounced its way among us. I am currently writing you from Baltimore, MD. Last night we had a lovely evening with my husband's old roommate and his wife. I love having these attachments... continuing relationships like

The tree's primary components are: the roots, which anchor it to the ground and supply it with water and other nutrients; the trunk, branches and leaves which comprise its body; and the fruit which contain the seeds by which the tree reproduces itself.

The spiritual life of man also includes roots, a body, and fruit. The roots represent faith, our source of nurture and perseverance. The trunk, branches and leaves are the body of our spiritual lives -- our intellectual, emotional and practical achievements. The fruit is our power of spiritual procreation -- the power to influence others, to plant a seed in a fellow human being and see it sprout, grow and bear fruit. Read more here.

Karin Foreman created this wonderful Tree of Life, Etz chaim. Apparently not an under achiever, Karin holds degrees in Business, Graphic Design, and Fine Arts. Karin has received awards for Design, Graphics, Printmaking, Environmental Science


Anonymous said...

awwww toby, i thought we'd have the chance to meet when you got to ny...i was wondering why i hadn't heard from you yet. hope you are all feeling better soon.

DrMom said...

Yeah... less than ideal vacation. Still not 100%. But thanks for thinking of me... I need to take a NY vacation when I just visit people I am NOT related to.