Thursday, August 16, 2007

From Bonnie Cohen

I received this letter from Bonnie regarding my post from yesterday. I asked her if I could share it.
Thank you for featuring my work on your blog. I was touched by the idea that there is not a prayer to say when one gives tzedakah.
A few years ago , I taught a Judaica class for high school age kids and I wanted to stress the idea of the holiness of the act of hiddur mitzvah. There isn't a prayer that one can say before performing that mitzvah either, so I wrote my own along with the help of a Rabbi friend. I also say the prayer for scribes ( Blessed be He who has taught my hand to scribe the letters) before I do any Hebrew Calligraphy on my artwork. Interestingly, months later, I complimented one of my students on his work and he said to me" Mrs. Cohen, it was the prayer !"

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