Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Toys for Good Craftin' Girls and boys...

Do you love craft supplies as much as I do? My husband (who tolerates my collecting and shopping very well) has been encouraging me to take a trip to Israel soon. Won't he be thrilled that I now have a big list of Arts and Crafts Suppliers in ISRAEL!!! I can see it now... "Look, honey, we can see the Western Wall right after I check out these three craft stores!" Many of the stores do posses websites BUT they are in Hebrew. If anyone discovers one that is also in English, let me know. I am in search of some little chatchkas.

If we do go to Israel, I guess I will have to NOT dress like a Reform Jew. Did you know that the term for MODESTY tzniut,comes from a biblical verse stating that man should "walk humbly with God." For me, it will be a matter of respecting the land which I visit, but I admit to being a bit vain so I don't want to look like someone who walked out of Fiddler on the Roof.
Thank Goodness for Headcoverings by Devorah. She makes lovely Scarves, Snoods, Veils, and Kippot. I can comfortably shop and be cute too (oops, not a modest statement).

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