Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thinking ahead

It is almost the end of July... can you believe it... That means that Rosh Hashannah is in less than two months. So much to think about, hmmmm?
Have you contemplated your new year's cards yet?

Sarit Miller Ben-Meir may have made your work easier this year. Her cards are so lovely (as are her prints). They are influenced by the Hebrew alphabet. The illustrations are a combination of ink drawings, scanned organic objects such as moss, leaves, seeds, skin, fur, etc.
and computer effects.


Anonymous said...

I have been planning mine. I'm a stamper, altered artist, and collager. Was inspired by your pomegranate entries so bought a pomegranate stamp and paper of that color. It's in the planning stages.

DrMom said...

I hope you will share them with us... can 'em in, mail 'em to me... and POP up on JJ they will be!