Friday, July 13, 2007

A couple of random thoughts...

Thus, in the simple act of listing all the places where the people have been, which in other contexts may simply be the result of chance, Moshe has transformed a group of people into the People, with a story, a history, a narrative, with all that it implies in terms of a “living project” for the future. (Dr. Mark H. Kirschbaum)

So, as we conclude B’midbar (The Book of Numbers), with Mattot and Ma’sei, we learn “as God’s voice stirs the wilderness,” that when we become one community with a shared sense of responsibility, a community of parents who teach their children how to live a good and moral life, a community with a beautiful tradition, history and heritage, when we focus on the experience of living life in its ordinary moments, (then) every step of the journey we achieve our objective, our destination, our promised land. (Rabbi Neil I. Levy)

These candle holders are made from Jerusalem marble and are from Chaim at ArtMuz.

Shabbat Shalom!


Anonymous said...

oh wow....that Shabbat candle stick holder is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful art. Loved your message. Shabbat Shalom.