Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pomegranate Attraction

"I have always felt admiration and awe towards nature. In my search for understanding, I try to imitate situations which overcome me with excitement in everyday life. I know that God is everywhere, in the small details. Most of my work is multifaceted. I know that nothing has just one meaning and that a lot remains in the domain of the occult. I admit that I am a slave to form of any kind and to beauty which often hides great pain. It is then that I bring out the humor which helps me to go on"...

These are the November 1997 words of Israeli Arist Dorit Levi-nstein. For centuries the pomegranate has been a wonderful symbol for something holding mystery inside. Today we know a lot more about this fruit... and that is part of the attraction appeal of this peelable fruit.

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marciad said...

Thanks for showing us this art. I really like it. All kinds of meanings--look beyond the outside and obvious.