Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding Kippah

I have to confess that I find those complementary satin wedding kippot that are handed out kind of tacky (BANG- that was the sound of many blog readers turning off their computers). They are cost effictive, but I just don;t like them. Personal taste.

What I do like are these from Bonnie Yales. They are unique and colorful and personal. While certaily not cheap... your guest would leave your wedding with a wonderful momento!


Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying visiting you every day. I have a question and thought you might be able to help. Where can you go (online) to find the Hebrew name equivalent for the English version of a name? I would like to be able to find my Hebrew name. Thanks. Thought this was logical to follow the marriage thread.

DrMom said...

Interesting question... I am going to have to work on finding you an answer, but for now here is an interesting powerpoint presentation on Jewish names.

Unknown said...

These are really cool kippot! Very colorful and fun to wear. Nice blog too!

Jasper @ Best Kippah