Thursday, May 24, 2007

From Campers to Couples

(From an article from the Jewish Federation of Danbury, CT.)

Jewish summer camps teach the value of communal involvement and foster the development of Jewish community leadership.
Huge numbers of community leaders and Jewish service professionals point to their summer camp experiences as an essential
part of their Jewish development.
All this, and fun, too!
The importance of the social scene can’t be underestimated, either. There are a surprising number of Jewish couples in the U.S. who met their spouses for the first time when they were children at camp. Teenagers get their first taste of romance and dating in summer camp—with a Jewish partner. Not a bad foundation for Jewish continuity!

Did you attend Camp Eisner? Did you fall in love there and meet your spouse in the Berkshires? If you did, be sure not to miss the Shabbat services on Friday Night, August 10, 2007 where there will be a renewal of vows for couples who met at camp. It is all part of Eisner's 50th Anniversary celebration.

From Shayna Judaica, a lovely gift for a couple to remember their day... a huppa hamsa!

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