Monday, March 19, 2007

He made it out of clay- not gold or silver, or lazuli...

I realized it had been weeks since I featured anything made with Polymer Clay. How dare I??? Well, to make up for that, here is a very apro pos polymer clay piece made by the incredibly talented George Estreich. There has to be one very proud Jewish mother out there!

This week's parsha is P'kudei from Exodus 38:21 - 40:38 and deals with the final construction of the tabernacle.

From a fellow blogger comes this commentary: This week, we finish the book of Exodus by reading about the completion of the Mishkan. "In the first month of the second year on the first of the month the tabernacle was erected" [40:2]. Interestingly, it was exactly one year earlier that G-d said to Moses “this month shall be the head month to you. It shall be the first month of the year" [12:1]. So the year Jewish calendar starts with both the physical redemption from Egypt and the spiritual redemption obtained by building the Mishkan both happened on the same day, the first of Nisan, the first day of the Jewish year.

Following the creation of the calendar (which is the first commandment given to the Nation of Israel), we get a series of commandments relating to Passover. In all of these commandments, the timing is very important. The law is not to refrain form eating bread for a week, it to refrain from eating bread on a specific week. Doing it a week early or late is not fulfilling the commandment. It’s not only in the stock market that timing is everything!

Rabbi Kelman says “Each one of us in our personal lives can easily fall prey to doing the right thing at the wrong time. Waiting too long to apologize, spending more time at home just as the kids are starting to move out, taking on religious stringency’s before one is ready, or even davening shacharit before dawn. We must learn to sanctify time by using it appropriately. It is the pathway to redemption.”

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