Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gotta bag me some Afikomen!

If you are like me, the afikomen gets rapped up in a napkin for hiding. But that is just so Philistine! Take a look at these wonderful afikomen bags from Debra Walk. I discovered Debra because she found my blog! So I get a reader and she gets a posting! Her work is lovely, you should see her matzah covers too. I am encouraging her to do some more polymer clay so I can show that off as well.

Are you at a loss on where to hide your afikomen this year... here are some ideas from Ohr somayach

1O. In the bread box.

9.In a Congressional Investigation file on election fundraising (sure to get lost).

8.In a cardboard recycling container (impossible to distinguish the matzah from the cardboard).

7.In your old 5¼ inch floppy disk drive.

6.In a gym, among the discus storage.

5.In the middle pocket of the matzah cover.

4.In the same place Grandpa has been hiding them for the past 20 years - no one's found them yet.

3.In the holding tank of your brother's science fair experiment project on toxic waste disposal.

2.Use it as a base in a Little League baseball game.

1.Paint it silver, and pretend that it is a giant, broken CD-Rom.

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