Monday, October 4, 2010

Just another Ebay Monday!!!

I warned my readers that I would not share ALL my finds with them. Here is something I bid on- and won- last week. I wish I could tell you how exactly I happened upon it. Iam not really sure. The listing was entitled: Souveneir Decorative Throw Pillow- Israel. I looked at the photograph closely and determined this was NOT a pillow, but it was an embroidered matzah cover! I hate to tell you what I bid on it... you would be angry at me.
Don't forget the wonderful stained glass Magen David window I showed you last week. Bidding on that ends in about 12 hours.

On our right is an inexpensive bit of modern Jewish history. Five different cloth calendars. I certainly remember these hanging around my home while growing up. Maybe you want a touch of nostalgia for your home.

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