Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Something new: Jewish Ebay Day!!!

I have been inspired to add something to JJ... a best of Jewish ebay. I will try to do a weekly posting of Judaica for sale on ebay. Not just any piece but something special and different, something that deserves a home with one of my readers. I will confess...if I am bidding on it I won't post it until after it is over (I don't need any undue competition). Please let me know what you think of htis addition to Judaica Journal!

Don't start salivating, but this sold today.
Isn't it precious? I can so imagine someone's bubbe wearing this as she serves Shabbat dinner to her family.

And how about a table cloth of the Seven Species. I wish I had found this prior to Sukkot.

These lovely rosewood rimmonim are well outside
my wallet's abilities but perhaps one of you have
a collection that wants to grow.
These are sephardic in origin, complete with
Ladino inscription.

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