Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Crowning Glory.

Rimonim... a Hebrew word for two things. First, our fruit of the week... the pomegranate. Second, for the handles of the torah scroll. The crown of the pomegranate is crown-shaped, and it has been told that Solomon designed his crown based on it.

This lovely necklace is meant to adorn the neck of some woman during the high holidays- Maybe you? It is from the artist Rony who works in many different media including polymer clay, ceramic, Stained Glass, fiber and jewelry design.


Ruth Shapiro said...

I also love pomegranates-so many cultural meanings and maybe some secrets, too!?

Take a look at some of my pomegranates- many times featured in my work.
Ruth Shapiro

Ruth Shapiro said...

I love all of your pomegranates! Such a luscious fruit!!