Monday, August 30, 2010

The Akedah from the eyes of an Artist.

Abstract art is one of those areas where three Jews can have four opinions. There are times that the paint on the canvas was haphazardly placed and other times when it is obvious that there is much symbolic value in the placement of line and color. I like to see what artists' do with a common theme- in this case the binding of Isaac.

Marlen Burns is a classically trained artist who has been inspired by the words of Genesis: This image is an expression of the High Holy Day Torah portion that is chanted, telling the story of the binding of Isaac ( the Akedah.)
The Akedah was the tenth and final trial that G-d presented to Abraham. The first trials are shown as imperfect orbs, with the red orb representing the Akedah.
The column of black that runs through the center represents the moment of silence between the two words when the angels call out " Avraham...Avraham!"
During this moment, Abraham transitioned from having blind faith in G-d, to having perfect faith....from lack of understanding of G-d's will and request, to understanding.
The contrast of mind set is represented by the opposing sides of the black column...the left side is filled with trials; the right side shows perfect faith, as shown by the silver, perfectly round orb. The twisted lines of the ram's horn, the shofar, leads the viewer to this image of perfect faith as it refers the sacrifice used instead of Isaac.

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