Monday, March 9, 2009

Purim Haiku- The Megillah in brief.

Continuing my poetic attempts:

Smart man. Mordecai.
Need him in the NSA.
Looked good on the horse.

Vashti WAS the queen
Refused to be groped by drunks.
Sadly, it killed her.

Ahashveros pined
Wanted new wife for harem
Had a big pagent

Esther, beauty queen.
Tough as nails. Entertains, too.
Gets noose for Haman.

Justice prevails when
Good people do what is right
Now eat hamantash!

This meticulously beaded megillah case is featured on the Pomegranate Guild website and is the work of Sarita Frasko.

Happy Purim to one and all!


Allison Spitzer Carter said...

1Ha! good one Toby

Anonymous said...

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Tamar Hammer said...

Great post Toby! I like how you end it too.