Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jewish Guilt has early beginnings

In the Haftorah Portion (Ezikiel 43 (10-17)) of the week, Ezikiel is compelled by G'd to show the People of Israel the plans for the building of the new Temple. This is not a simple showing of architectural renderings, but rather a plea that the Israelites take responsibility for prior misdeeds, because it is early sins that led to the destruction of Solomon's temple.

As a psychiatrist who attempts to help her patients go beyond their guilt and shame, this is a very heavy set of verses to swallow. I do however, like, the interpretation of Rabbi Allison B. Kobey who in the Women's Haftarah Commentary (check out page 93-96) who encourages us to recognize our shortcomings but not to become mired in them.

And while the magnets above from Tamar Hammer have really nothing to do with the verses of haftorah, Pesach is not far away and I think these are great!

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