Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the Fourth Night of chanukah

My bubbe gave to me
Four kippot a' heading

This kippah of handsewn tyvek was made for an attendant at a Chassidic wedding. The creator is the designer Jeffrey Rutzky, author of several creative books.

My elder son will be Harry Potter for his school's book character day on Friday (wonder what Holiday they are trying to ignore). I wonder if this would be an appropriate addition to his costume. It is from KippahCorner and is hand painted.

I am unsure how comfortable this kippah would be to wear for long periods of time... but it is certainly unique. It is from the artist Jet Nathaniel Joels who is from the Netherlands. The Kippah is made from recycled aluminum coffee cups, lace and tyvek.

From the hands of Diaspora girls are hand crocheted kippot for the women in your life. I love how feminine and delicate this one is. Take a look at her website- she has a Jewish joke of day on it to make the site even better.

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