Friday, October 10, 2008

No small love, just a small chuppah!

GoldieHoll of Flickr made this chuppah for an exhibition in Raanana, Israel; it is in 1/12 scale (everything 12 time smaller). The flowers were made from paper one by one ( a lot of time). The dress is made on a dummy that was once a keyring. In the huppah she embroided the words Kol Hatan vekol kala, kol sasson vekol simha.

My Yom Kippur was less than holy. Tuesday morning I awoke with a pulled muscle. I managed to work that day but Wednesday required a trip to the doctor and lots of sedating medication. Today, Friday, is the first time I have been dressed since (or on the computer).
I checked on Judaica Journal to find three rather scathing comments regarding a post I had place earlier this week. Apparently an artist did not like being posted without her permission (she also had thought I had not given a link to her website which I had) so I removed her posting with deep regret since she is quite talented and I wanted to share her work. One comment also was regarding my lifting from other individuals, I want to say once again that JJ is a work of love not a financial endeavor. If I had the time and the talent to write about every piece, I would, but I also am a wife, a mother and a busy professional. I do this for the love of the art. If you don't want to be posted let me know and I will remove your work ASAP. I do not mean to offend anyone.
So everyone have a blessed Shabbat and enjoy the work I can post!


Alisa said...

I love your blog and have always enjoyed looking at all the beautiful art. Please don't let one negative individual detour you. You are always so complimentary of the artists that I really don't understand how someone could be angry at being spotlighted here. Keep up the beautiful work.

Kathi said...

{{{{{huggles}}}}} just cause I love you :)

and what alisa said :)