Friday, October 31, 2008

My least favorite day of the secular year!

So rather than continue with the Chanukah gift buying theme, let's think of something really holy that is the complete opposite of all this goofy goblin and Sarah Palin costume!

From the homepage of MuchnikArts, home of Michoel Muchnik, mosaic artist, muralist and painter I quote:

“Those who have been Divinely gifted in art, have the privilege of being able to convert an inanimate thing, such as a brush, paint and canvas or wood into living form. It is the ability to transform the material into spiritual, even where the creation is in still life, and certainly where the artistic work has to do with living creations and humans. How much more so if the art medium is used to advance ideas, especially reflecting Torah and mitzvot, which would raise the artistic skill to its highest level.” —The Rebbe
Have a Shabbat Shalom my friends!

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