Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a delightful idea!

Oh, what would I ever do without my flickr??? Today, I found some work from Carly (or Ketizirah). Carly is a different kind of Jew... and I thought I knew them all. From reading Carly's blog (which I have been doing on and off for about a year) I have learned she is a Jewitch, basically an earth based spiritually derived form of Judaism. Not exactly how I practice Judaism, but then again, I don't keep kosher or wear a sheitel on my head. Carly's spirituality is embued in her artwork... and I love what she did with this altoid box. I have recycled altoid boxes (using polymer clay, of course) in the past... but never for a besamim (spice box).
I recommend you expand your horizons and look at her blog and her flickr site.

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Ketzirah Carly said...

Thanks for the amazing shout-out! Glad you can appreciate my artwork and spiritual path -- even if it's not for you!