Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Mother-in-Law is no joke!!!

Silvia Schmelzer is the mother-in-law of yesterday's featured artist Jennifer Fairman. She, too, asnswered some questions for me.

Where are you located? I live in Skokie, Illinois a suburb north of Chicago.

When did you start your art? I was a ceramist about 30 years ago and now a metalsmith for the last 10 years , a full time job after retiring form the Corporate world as an administrator for a medical facility in Chicago.

Why Judaica? Why not? As a Jew and artist, the best art is the the one identifying us with our own people and traditions.

How do you observe? We are modern orthodox, respecting the laws of shabbat. My life as an artist encompass all aspects of Jewish life as well as an artist in general. Thus my regular " one of a kind" jewelry line.

What makes art Jewish? Art is the best expression of the mind. What makes it Jewish is the use of the symbols representative of the Jewish Religion and presenting them in an harmonious and attractive way without distorting their initial meaning.

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