Friday, August 29, 2008

S.O.S. Support our School

My two boys attend a local public charter school. It is a wonderful school with a very enthusiastic staff and an active Parent Teacher Association. Our students come from many walks of life. Some children come from very affluent homes. Others are the children of migrant workers who have just settled in Atlanta.

Annually we do a fundraiser- we sell Sally Foster Gift Wrap and Gifts. The fundraiser brings an expansive arts program to our school, exposing our kids to Literature, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video Production, Musical Composition
and Dance/Choreography.

Our school earns 50% of every sale. So stock up on some gift wrap for every day (I must tell you that it is the best paper I have ever bought) and don't for get the Chanukah Wrap.

Go to Sally

When you are ready to check out it will ask for SELLER... please put it in the number 275195 so our school, Dunwoody Springs Charter, gets the credit. So after Shabbat this weekend, do some Tzedakah and buy some paper (or a some chocolate). It will come to your home directly!

P.S. I will be peddling peanuts for the Cubscouts soon so don't put your credit card away yet!

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arnie draiman said...

great work. hope you are successful. and when you have more tzedakah money that can go somewhere other than the school...check out:

direct giving to danny siegel's mitzvah heroes!

arnie draiman